Powerful Bending Solutions

Noel Noonan Fabrications (NNF) CNC press brake is fitted with ESA VIS-875W multi-axis CNC control with numerical and 2D graphical programming and 2D or 3D visualisation.

Bending can also be graphically visualised in 2D or 3D showing the machine frame, top and bottom tools, back gauge fingers and part orientation. Additional software is provided that imports 3D CAD drawings and interprets the bending information.

The PBXS models feature 4-axis CNC control of the left and right ram cylinders, the back gauge depth and height. The position of the two cylinders is fully synchronised with high precision scales on the side frames ensuring ram parallelism.

Available for clients across Munster, our CNC bending service offers high volume and large scale capability and considerable flexibility across an extensive variety of different machines.

Flexible CNC Bending Solutions

Perfect for creating varying components, high quality design for manufacture is incredibly essential in ensuring that raw materials offer the necessary residual, compressive and tensile stress capability for bending.

Taking full advantage of the highest quality standards and custom designed bending tools, our professional and experienced team will achieve an extensive variety of bends that go far beyond simple right-angled boxes. The CNC computer control we utilise guarantees consistent accuracy on all components that can be individually turned around in mere seconds.


  • ESA VIS-875W multi-axis CNC control with numerical and 2D graphical programming and 2D or 3D visualisation, mounted on pendant arm
  • Fully synchronised CNC control of left and right upper beam cylinder position – Y1 + Y2 axis
  • CNC control of back gauge depth – X axis
  • CNC control of back gauge height – R axis
  • Manual side to side movement of back gauge fingers – Z axis
  • Euro style top tool holders with intermediates including wedges for crowning
  • Sectionalised goose neck top tool and multi vee bottom die
  • Bottom tool wedge crowning system
  • AKAS laser tooling guards for enhanced ease of use
  • Strong rigid welded mono block frame able to withstand deflection under maximum load
  • High precision linear scales for measurement of the stroke depth which are mounted on the side frames rather than the top beam to prevent any inaccuracy through distortion as the beam comes under load
  • Hydraulic ram travel guided in low friction slide ways
  • Large open height and generous ram stroke
  • Deep reinforced throat in side frames
  • High approach and return speeds for production bending
  • Front support arms with flip stop, adjustable on a linear rail
  • Dual foot switch console with emergency stop
  • Electrically interlocked side guards
  • Electrically interlocked rear access door

At Noel Noonan Fabrication, we specialise in first class CNC bending service, so if you require our CNC bending and Laser Cutting services, call us now on (021) 4881098 to discuss your requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team.


Bending Power tonne 200
Bending Length (Over Tooling) mm 4100
Bending Length (Between Frames) mm 3550
Y Axis Approach Speed mm/sec 160
Y Axis Bending Speed (Maximum) mm/sec 10
Y Axis Return Speed mm/sec 110
X Axis Travel mm 750
X Axis Speed mm/sec 330
R Axis Travel mm 160
R Axis Speed mm/sec 240
No of Back Gauge Fingers 4
No of Sheet Support Arms 4
Stroke mm 260
Daylight mm 530
Throat Depth mm 410
Table Height mm 880
Table Width mm 90
Oil Capacity litre 210
Motor Power kW 18.5
Nominal Power (excluding options) kW 22.5
Length mm 4850
Width mm 1700
Height mm 2905
Weight kg 12500


Why Choose Us?

  • Meeting the highest quality standards
  • Complete design, manufacture, finishing, assembly, delivery service
  • Cost savings through design for manufacture expertise
  • Mistake-proofing design and procedural approach
  • Part traceability through MRPII system
  • Continual investment in the latest technology
  • Dedicated production control
  • Location close to Cork City with own delivery fleet


Noel Noonan Fabrications (NNF) are leading specialists in general fabrications, providing an unrivalled service in stainless steel products and solutions in Cork and throughout the surrounding area.

N.N.F. Noel Noonan Fabrications produces a wide range of quality products for an array of customers. Our specialist craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced and can fabricated custom designed stainless steel products of varying size and structure in order to meet the requirements of our customers.


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