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At NNF we understand the importance of precision and efficiency in industrial applications. That’s why we specialise in providing precise laser cutting services for a wide range of industrial materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, and other metals. Our advanced laser cutting machines ensure accurate and clean cuts, enabling you to achieve optimal results for your engineering and industrial projects.

With our state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, we can handle a variety of industrial applications, from manufacturing components and parts to fabricating custom industrial equipment. Whether you need intricate designs, precise shapes, or complex patterns, our skilled professionals will deliver superior laser cutting solutions that meet your exact specifications.

Our Morgan Rushworth XLT Combination system offers plate cutting and tube cutting both in one machine saving on footprint and investment cost. Offering plate cutting up to 2m x 4m and tube cutting up to 7.6m length, the XLT is a very capable and flexible fibre laser for today’s multi discipline workshops.

We use a 6kw fibre laser power, the XLT can process tubes up to 180mm round diameter and 150mm square. Utilising a very intuitive control system incorporating nesting facilities for both tube and plate, the XLT is very simple to use and program.

It is equipped with leading componentry and is fully enclosed for Class 1 laser safety including the tube cutting process.



  • Hypertherm XTL High Definition Plasma with X Definition Technology
  •  Combination Plate & Tube cutting on one machine
  • 1.5x3m and 2x4m bed sizes
  •  Up to 7.6m tube length
  •  Up to 30mm cutting capacity
  • Up to 180mm Round capacity and 150mm capacity
  •  Servo Motors and drivers
  • Helical rack and pinion system
  • Up to 1.5G acceleration
  • Auto Focus functioned Raytools Cutting head


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Technical Specifications

Specifications Unit XLT 3015
Max. Working Range X Axis mm 1550
Max. Working Range Y Axis mm 3100
Max. Working Range Z Axis mm 300
Max. Workpiece Weight Kgs 900
Max. Rapid m/min 100
Positioning Precision mm (+-0.05)
Repeatability mm (+-0.02)
Tube Cutting Unit 3m 6m 7.6m
Maximum Pipe Size Square mm 25 – 180 25 – 180 25 – 180
Maximum Pipe Size Round mm 25 – 150 25 – 150 25 – 150
Maximum Job Weight kgs 70 140 170
Maximum Pipe Length mm 2500 5500 7500
4 Jaw Feeding Chuck Dia. mm 200 200 200
4 Jaw Feeding
Chuck Operation
Manual/Auto Manual/Auto Manual/Auto


Noel Noonan Fabrications (NNF) are leading specialists in general fabrications, providing an unrivalled service in stainless steel products and solutions in Cork and throughout the surrounding area.

N.N.F. Noel Noonan Fabrications produces a wide range of quality products for an array of customers. Our specialist craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced and can fabricated custom designed stainless steel products of varying size and structure in order to meet the requirements of our customers.


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